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Charles Couch

I attend most of the County Commissioner meetings & have observed that Amy always has the County’s best interest at heart. She takes exceptional notes & listens intently to the subjects brought before the board.
Her thought processes are very organized & she thinks outside the box. She is never afraid to address the tough issues. I have emailed her on numerous occasions and she always responds.

Linda Watkins
Alamance County

Let us all work hard to keep Amy as one of our County Commissioners. She is doing a fantastic job. Let’s all work as hard as we can to keep her where she belongs.

Kellie Satterfield
Union Ridge

Amy has worked nonstop and has been a voice for the people of Alamance County since the beginning of her role as County Commissioner. Her persistence in addressing the issues important to Alamance County residents shows that her drive and compassion are truly for the people. She is a person who is not afraid to stand for what she believes in and does what she says she will do. We need her to remain as Alamance County’s commissioner.

Tim Walker

I have known Amy Galey for years. I find her to be a person of integrity who has a commitment to family and community values. Amy will receive my vote because I trust she will consider all information available and then pursue that which works for the present and that which will also move us towards smart and sustainable growth for Alamance County.

Alamance County

I am supporting Amy for County Commissioner because she wasn’t afraid to take a stand on several challenging issues. I voted for her last time and appreciate her being willing to listen to folks in Alamance County.

Tommy Coble
Eli Whitney

For the years I have known Amy, I found her to be hard working, strong and very disciplined with a never give up attitude. When working on County business, I find that she always is prepared and makes the right decision. She is tough and is never intimidated by anyone, but is still very approachable and ready to listen to other people’s point of view.

Jason Ross

I own my own business in Burlington, and I have known Amy well for many years. She supports our local businesses and wants to grow a healthy and stable economy. Amy shops locally, and I know I appreciate that. She also is in touch with the people of Alamance County, understands how we think, and loves us for who we are.

Evonne Parker

I am proud to have voted for County Commissioner Amy Galey and look forward to her being re-elected.  Amy has proven she stands up and truly cares for the people of Alamance County. I applaud her as to speaking up using her voice on serious issues that affect our County’s future.

Sue Ward

I am a lifelong resident of Alamance County and will again be supporting Amy Galey in her bid for re-election this year as County Commissioner. I worked in local governmental entities for 40 years; I am no stranger to back-door politics. I helped at the polls last election after meeting Amy at an event spreading awareness about child sexual abuse. I was impressed by her approachability and knowledge. I have watched her over the past two years as she represented the people in this county, not herself. She has been confronted by some negativity and resentments during her journey and I am appreciative of a person who wants to get to the truth, no matter what they might gain by going along with what has always been done or placates someone. I know that she has reached out graciously to Alamance County employees with acknowledgment and thanks, by something as simple as a birthday card. She is approachable anytime for conversations and I believe you will find her fair and honest. Amy has never let the power of the position elevate her above others: she’s real, a rare commodity in politics. I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Amy Galey.

V. Willoughby

Amy Galey has been a breath of fresh air for Alamance County. Our county needs vision for growth and planning for the future. She understands that for our county to prosper all facets must work together. We need vision and leadership and she has both qualities.

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